🔥 New Diesel Powered Hot Tubs

Handmade in Finland, Rexener Polar is a high-quality premium hot tub with a wooden frame and fibreglass pool. It takes considerably less time to heat than when heating with wood. A built-in filter and pool chemicals ensure the water stays clean for a long time. A jet system brings a touch of luxury. Optional pool colours: Gabro Black or Arctic White.

This hot tub has it all. A thermostat-controlled Rexener PR200 water heater, water circulation pump, mass filter, lights and a jet system with eight nozzles.

Choose fibreglass pool colour:

  • Arctic White Day
  • Gabro Black Night
  • Package contains:

  • Square white fibreglass pool, wild spruce frame,
  • Rexener PR200 water heater + chimney with barrel hat + fuel tank,
  • Protective case (for water heater and mass filter kit),
  • Polyurethane insulation,
  • Mass filter kit (incl. water circulation pump),
  • LED lights,
  • Jet system
  • Diesel container, Funnel and Chemical Starter Kit
  • 10 year warranty on tub and 3 year warranty on heater.

    Please note that the delivery time for Polar is 5 weeks.

    RRP Polar £6190

    RRP Lid £510

    RRP Stairs £129

    RRP Install £430

    RRP on All £7259
    Current offer £6100
    Save £1159 (Over 15%)

    Nationwide shipping

    Deliver to NI and ROI

    Finance Available

    From 1 to 7 years